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13 Oct    Steve Clemesha

3 Nov      AGM. Brian Newman

1 Dec      Christmas and awards

October Meeting

The auction planned for the October meeting has been postponed to 2011.  Steve will be talking about how to grow Phalaenopses in the home.

Spring Show


Grand Champion N&K. Mitchell

Reserve Champion M. McKay

Champion Specimen K. Green & D. McBain

Champion Native N&K. Mitchell

Judges Commendation B. Moore

Pittaway Perpetual Trophy B. Pearce

BUC Perpetual Trophy B. Moore

Section A – Cymbidium

  1. Standard – over 90 mm
    1st            B. Moore
    2nd           B. Moore
  2. Intermediate 55 – 90 mm
    1st            B. Moore
    2nd           B. Moore
  3. Miniature – under 55 mm
    1st            J&R. Cowling
    2nd           D&B. Cooper

Champion Cymbidium    B.Moore

Section B – Laeliinae

  1. Exhibition – 100mm and over
    1st            G. Clarke
    2nd           B. Bright
  2. Intermediate – 60 to 100mm
    1st           B. Newman
    2nd           D&B. Cooper
  3. Miniature – under 60 mm
    1st            N&K. Mitchell
    2nd          I. Wheeler
  4. Cluster hybrid (minimum 5 flowers)
    1st            I. Wheeler
    2nd           D&B. Cooper
  5. Novelty
    No award

Champion Laeliinae             I.Wheeler

Section C – Phalaenopsis

  1. Exhibition – predominantly white
    1st            G. Clarke
  2. Exhibition – predominantly pink
    1st            G. Clarke
    2nd           G. Clarke
  3. Exhibition – any other colour
    1st            G. Clarke
    2nd           G. Clarke

Champion Phalaenopsis     G. Clarke

Section D – Vandaceous

  1. Over 60 mm
    1st            B. Newman
    2nd           P&P. King
  2. Under 60 mm
    1st            B. Newman
    2nd           I. Wheeler

Champion Vandaceous              B. Newman

Section E – Paphiopedilum

  1. Standard (Red or spotted)
    1st            M. MacKay
    2nd           M. MacKay
  2. Standard (Green, yellow or white)
    1st            M. MacKay
    2nd          M. MacKay2A   Novelty Paphiopedilum
    1st            I. Wheeler
    2nd           I. Wheeler
  3. Maudie and novelty type
    No award
  4. Hybrid multifloral
    1st            D. Turner
  5. Phragmipedium
    No award

Champion Paphiopedilum M.McKay

Section F – Dendrobium (not Aust native)

  1. Phalaenanthe (hard cane)
    1st            B. Newman
    2nd           P.Baker
  2. Spatulata
    No award
  3. Eugananthe (soft cane)
    1st            E&D. Collins
    2nd           E&D. Collins
  4. Any other Dendrobium
    1st            P. Baker
    2nd           R. Scott

Champion Dendrobium      E&D. Collins

Section G – Oncidiinae alliance

  1. Brassia shaped hybrid
    No award
  2. Odontoglossum shaped hybrid
    1st            I. Wheeler
    2nd           B. Moore
  3. Tolumnia
    1st            P. Baker
    2nd           R. Scott

Champion Oncidiinae                I. Wheeler

Section H – Australian Native (Hybrid)

  1. Predominantly pink, mauve or purple
    1st            N&K. Mitchell
    2nd           N&K. Mitchell
  2. Predominantly yellow, orange
    1st            N&K. Mitchell
    2nd           N&K. Mitchell
  3. Any other colour
    1st            N&K. Mitchell
    2nd           P. Wallace

Champion Australian Native    N&K. Mitchell

Section I – AOV hybrid

  1. Sarchochilus hybrid
    1st            M. McKay
  2. Any other variety hybrid
    1st            N&K. Mitchell
    2nd           B. Moore

Champion AOV            N&K. Mitchell

Section J – Australian Native Species

  1. Speciosum
    1st            M. McKay
    2nd           N&K. Mitchell
  2. Kingianum
    1st            N&K. Mitchell
    2nd           N&K. Mitchell
  3. Any other
    1st            N&K. Mitchell
    2nd           B. Bright

Champion Native Species          M. McKay 

Section K – First Flowered seedling

  • 1st            R&B. Cooper
  • 2nd           B. Moore

Section L – Species

  1. Laeliinae
    1st            M. McKay
    2nd           D&B. Cooper
  2. Paphiopedilum
    1st            P&P. King
    2nd           P&P. King
  3. Phalaenopsis
    1st           J&R. Cowling
  4. Vandaceous
    1st            B. Newman
    2nd           B. Newman
  5. Dendrobium – not Australian native
    No award
  6. Coelogyne
    1st            K. Green and D. McBain
    2nd           S. Newman
  7. Any other – not Australian Native
    1st            S. Clemesha
    2nd           S. Clemesha

Champion Species      K. Green & D. McBain

 Slippers at our show.  Thanks to Clem Murray for the photo.

Slippers at our show. Thanks to Clem Murray for the photo.



Beginners Classes, with Gordon Clarke and Brian Newman.

Today Brian and Gordon wanted to show us just what went into getting plants ready to ensure a picture perfect way to present your orchids for viewing and or showing.  All tips are what they have found works for them and not to be considered gospel.

Points to note

  • Cattleyas and soft cane Dendrobiums are good hardy plants to start with.  They can stand temperature changes more than most and may even stand a little neglect.
  • They have found that coconut fiber alone tends to hold too much water, which can rot the plants.  There are only a few orchids that can take this kind of mix but would have to still be watched for rot or fungus.  It is important always to keep fungicide up to your plants.
  • At this time of year Aug/Sept fertilizer should be high in Potassium to encourage flower spikes.  Nitrogen is increased during the non-flowering times.
  • When flowering has finished, cut it from the plant and allow the plant to rest for a few weeks before starting fertilizing routine again or the plant may get stressed.
  • It is important to find out what sort of plant mix and fertilizers your plants like.  There are so many methods and basically with most Orchid growers it is trial and error with often a helping hand from people who are willing to pass on their success stories.
  • Ribbing on the bulbs of the canes is an indication that nourishment has been taken from these stems to feed the newly forming stems and flowers.  If you wish to divide a plant up it is wise to allow at least four canes before the newest off shoot to allow plenty of feeding material for the new plant.

Tools to help with display work:

These can be obtained from reject shops etc. Mini pegs, small pegs, slim pegs, normal pegs, hair claw clips large and small, rubber bands, large pipe cleaners, garden wire, clear plastic tubing approximately 3 to 5 mm diameter, insulation tape (green), thin sheet of wadding approximately 5mm thick.

To prepare plants for showing:

Do not attempt any work on your plants until mid to late morning as they will be too brittle and you will likely break off your flower heads.

To position a flower head or stems to a more visually acceptable direction is quite complicated and if not done in stages will cause much damage.  I suggest a visit to Gordon or Brian to get a better understanding of this as it is much easier to comprehend visually.

Staking a flower spike at the right time allows flowers to face out flat for best viewing.

Peel open flower sheaths before they turn yellow to help prevent any rotting of the buds, which can often happen if they are allowed to open naturally.

Use wadding to separate flower heads.  Roll up a piece of wadding approximately 10cm x 5cm x 5mm thickness, fold in half making a V shape and insert between flower heads.  This gently pushes the flower heads apart.

Once again a most informative morning was presented.  It was a great deal to take in with us all writing notes furiously.  One thing I realized was that you needed physically watch someone prepare plants for showing e.g. staking, petal positioning and separating etc.  I know that if any help is needed Gordon and Brian would only be too pleased for you to visit them for further information.  There are also well-established members in our club who can also help in this and many other ways if asked.  So to all the new members pick their brains.  I am sure they would love it.

Nominations for AGM

At the AGM in November there will be elections for

  • President,
  • Vice-president,
  • Secretary,
  • Treasurer
  • Three committee members.

Are you interested in any of these positions? If you’re not sure what’s involved speak to Ed or one of the committee. Or you might like to nominate someone. There are nomination forms available at the meeting, and on our website.  Or is there someone you would like to nominate?  Nominations must be handed to our returning officer Don Turner by 7 p.m. 3rd November.

And what of the other positions? There are quite a few other things that people do to help make this a successful orchid society.

  • Newsletter editor
  • Show Marshall
  • Assistant show marshal
  • Publicity
  • Librarian
  • Supper
  • Monthly Comp points
  • Sales table
  • Memberships
  • Raffles
  • Hall set – up for meetings
  • Program
  • Sponsorships
  • Public Officer
  • Web-site

Are you interested in doing any of these jobs? Or perhaps you would be prepared to be an assistant in one of these? Again if you would like some more information speak with Ed or one of the committee.

Eric Collin’s Talk

Due to space this will be in the next newsletter


Agenda For October Meeting

Welcome, Apologies, Visitors.

Minutes of August meeting – as printed in newsletter

Business Arising

Committee Report – no committee

Inwards Correspondence

Outwards Correspondence

Finance Report – see newsletter

Sponsors Spot –

Table talk.

General business

  1. Visit to Easy Orchids

Guest speaker – Steve.

Raffle, popular vote.

Minutes for September Meeting

Orchid Society September Meeting Notes  1st September 2011


Christine Snow, Judy Cowling, Dulcie McBain, Ken Green, Kay & Norm Mitchell, Graham & Pam Baillie, Ivy Wheeler, Pat King, Carole Davis.


Irene Bodell (OS of NSW), Norm Farmer, Ken & Ann Cuzac, Shirley, Anne Dew


  • Woolgoolga Spring Orchid Show on 7th, 8th October 2011 a Yeates Hall at Woolgoolga Public School Scarborough Street.
  • Thank you card from Ken Green for our much appreciated good wishes for a speedy recovery.
  • Xerox shop invoice for newsletter printing.
  • Community village open day on Saturday the 24th September 2011.  Call 6648 3694 if you are interested in having a stall on the day.
  • The Pier Hotel is offering us a free dining voucher to raffle to raise funds for our club.  More on this later.

Mvd. Barbara Scd. John – that correspondence be received

No Business arising from last newsletter.

Mvd. Betty Scd. Sue that minutes be approved

Finance: Bruce gave a brief run down on our latest financial standing.  Please see newsletter to get a more detailed picture.

Sponsors:  Ludo’s antiques are a constant supporter to us and we ask that if possible to call in and peruse his wares and mention how grateful we are for his support.

General Business: Don has requested that all volunteers who are helping to paint the show boxes gather at the shed at 9am on Monday the 5th September.

  • A reminder that our Plant Auction will be held in October and for any members who have good plants and are able to donate them for the auction please let our President Ed or Secretary Sherill know.  We need lots more to make this a successful night for all concerned and to raise funds for our Society.
  • A note that our next meeting will be held on the 13th October due to the school holidays falling in the first week in month.
  • A reminder that the AGM will be held at the November meeting.  As is usual we nominate every year for the positions of those who keep the show running.  If you would like to nominate or be nominated please download a form from our website.  coffsos@gmail.com
  • Our spring show will be held on the 9th, to 11th of September 2011.  If you are able to come along and relieve anyone for an hour or two we would be grateful.  It is not necessary to know a lot about Orchids, as there will always be someone there to direct people to.


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