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  • 2 JunIvy – Taiwan Orchid Show
  • 16 July40th Anniversary Luncheon
  • 21 July – Dick Cooper on Judging
  • 4 Aug – Doug Binns – Australian terrestrial orchids
  • 1 Sep – Eric Collins – Soft Cane Dendrobiums

40th Anniversary Luncheon

A reminder that the 40th Anniversary Luncheon will be held at the Novotel on 16th July. Tickets cost $25 and MUST be purchased before 9th July. See Ed, Sherill or Bruce for tickets.

There will also be an orchid display at the luncheon. Members are asked to bring their orchids – maximum 5 plants per member – between 11.30 and 11.45. These plants will be judged and a trophy will be awarded for the best orchid.

June Meeting

Our guest speaker for the meeting on 2 June will be Ivy Wheeler. She will be talking about her trip to the Taiwan Orchid Show earlier this year, and showing us pictures of some of the orchids she saw.

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July Meeting

Our July meeting will be on 21st July, not first week of July, because of school holidays when the hall is not available to us.

Autumn Show

Congratulations to members for the terrific display of orchids we had for our Autumn Show at the end of April. The weather was against us on Friday and Saturday, but we had lots of visitors on Sunday.

Despite the concerns that it was a strange season and some of us didn’t have many plants in flower, we had 25 more plants on display than last year. There were 27 members who had plants for our display, and 21 people won class prizes. It was very good to see prizes shared around and that 9 different people won section championship ribbons.

Particular congratulations to Norm and Kay Mitchell for winning Grand Champion with their Novelty Laeliinae, and to Brian Newman for winning Reserve Champion with his Zygoneria.

It takes a lot of people to make a successful show. Thanks to Ivy Wheeler for her work as Show Marshall, Bill Bright as her assistant and the others who helped Ivy with the display. Thanks too to all those who helped set up the hall, who sold raffle tickets, supervised the display and worked on the sales table.

And particular thanks to those who stayed behind after the show to help pack things up.

Show Results


  • Reserve Champion – B Newman
  • Champion Specimen – N&K Mitchell

Section A – Cymbidium

  1. Miniature and intermediate1st B. Moore2nd B. Moore

Champion Cymbidium B.Moore

Section B – Laeliinae

  1. 100mm and over1st G. Clarke2nd S. Williams
  2. 60 mm to 100mm1st G. Clarke2nd G. Clarke
  3. Under 60 mmnil
  4. Cluster hybrid1st I. Wheeler2nd I. Wheeler
  5. Novelty1st N&K Mitchell2nd S. Williams

Champion Laeliinae N&K Mitchell

Section C – Phalaenopsis

  1. Exhibition – white or pink1st G. Clarke
  2. Any other colour over 60 mm1st G. Clarke2nd G. Clarke
  3. Any other colour under 60 mm1st G. Clarke

Champion Phalaenopsis G. Clarke

Section D – Vandaceous

  1. Over 60 mm1st E. Pearce2nd J. Sidebottom
  2. Under 60 mm1st G. Clarke2nd S. Ronolo-King

Champion Vandaceous E. Pearce

Section E – Paphiopedilum

  1. Standard1st P&P King2nd I Wheeler
  2. Maudiae typenil
  3. Hybrid multifloralnil
  4. Phragmipedium1st I. Wheeler

Champion Paphiopedilum P&P King

Section F – Dendrobium (not native)

  1. Hard cane over 50 mm1st B. Southwell2nd B. Hall
  2. Hard cane under 50 mm1st E&D Collins2nd K. Green and D. McBain
  3. Spatulate1st E&D Collins2nd E&D Collins
  4. Any Other Dendrobium (not native)1st E&D Collins2nd B. Newman

Champion Dendrobium B. Southwell

Section G – Oncidiinae alliance

  1. Starry Brassia Shaped Hybrid1st H&I Zegelin2nd N&K Mitchell
  2. 1A Howeara1st B. Hall2nd B. Hall
  3. Rounder Odontoglossum shaped hybrid1st R&B Cooper2nd K. Green and D. McBain
  4. Equitant1st I. Wheeler2nd I. Wheeler


Champion Oncidium Alliance R&B Cooper

Section H – Australian Native (Hybrid)

  1. Dendrobium1st E&D Collins

Champion Australian Native E&D Collins

Section I – AOV hybrid

  1. Any Other Variety Hybrid1st I. Wheeler2nd I. Wheeler
  2. 1A Zygopetalum1st B. Newman2nd R&B Cooper

Champion AOV B. Newman

Section J – Species

  1. CymbidiumNo entry
  2. Laeliinae1st J. Sidebottom2nd G. Suter
  3. Paphiopedilum1st I. Wheeler
  4. Phalaenopsis1st B. Pittaway2nd B. Pittaway
  5. Vandaceous1st K. Green and D. McBain
  6. Dendrobium – not native1st P. Baker
  7. AOV not native1st N&K Mitchell2nd S. Clemesha
  8. Australian native dendrobiumNo entry
  9. Native Species, not Dendrobium1st S. Clemesha
  10. Oncidium Alliance1st I. Wheeler2nd B. Moore


Section K – First Flowered Seedling

1st I. Wheeler

2nd B. Moore

Section L – Novice

1st J. Sidebottom

2nd H&I Zegelin

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Review of Show

Your committee discussed the Autumn Show and came to these conclusions.  What do you think?  There will be an opportunity for some discussion at the meeting.

  • Agreed the main purpose of the Show is to display our plants to create interest in orchids.  Also allow members to show their plants and see what others are growing.
  • We are happy with the Gardens as venue. Hessian was good.
  • Agreed we should keep this date, i.e. end of April. Will stay open extra ½ hour on Sunday next year.
  • Roster was fine – sometimes had more helpers than we needed. Good to see so many people helping, especially at end of Show.
  • Raffle – will try to improve raffle prize.  Terrarium was good – thanks Don.  Sold more at sales table than previously – need to remind some members of rules for sales table.
  • Ribbons, trophies, cards – were fine.  Will need to get some reprinted soon.  Tabled for later meeting.
  • Publicity? Will get posters done earlier. Contact elderly citizens, perhaps woodworkers too.  Discuss with Advocate timing of article.
  • Obviously bad weather affected us on Fri, Sat but Sun was good.  Felt that it was an advantage to have another event on Sunday, but concerned about the aggressive donation collectors – need to have an understanding about this in future

Coffs Harbour Show

We had a display at the recent Coffs Harbour Show.  We have supported the show for many years, and early in our history we held our Autumn Show at the Coffs Show.

Thanks to those members who were able to provide plants for our display, and to those who helped supervise.  There were quite a few members of the public who looked at and commented on the display.

This is one of the ways we promote our hobby.

May Guest Speaker

Mike Rimmer from Neutrog Chemicals visited tonight to show us the range of fertilizers they currently have available. He hoped he could make fertilizer interesting for us.

They are a South Aussie based company with national and international customers grown over the last 21 years.  In the last five year they have achieved significant growth having a range of customers from large commercial growers and farmers, trades and retail.  From supplying 400 ton in their first year they are now producing 10 ton per hour.  Some of their outlets reach as far as South Africa, Ireland, Vietnam and England, with new ventures into North America, Canada and the Netherlands.

Neutrog have a website known as the ‘Pooh Bah Club’ www.neutrog.com.au.  It is free to join and have many avenues of information one being the personalities from the ABC gardening show.

Research and Development is very important in ensuring the best products are available and they take time to ensure this.  They are also part of the school gardening program set up by Stephanie Alexander as a grant to promote veggie patch gardening.  Neutrog supply fertilizers for free for any school receiving a grant.

Mike was an excellent speaker who spoke very clearly and those in the back pews could really hear him.  He elaborated on the items in the booklet passed out and it was interesting to have plenty of questions asked.

 Mike speaking at the meeting

Mike speaking at the meeting

It was very generous of him also to give a litre of their latest product – Gogo Juice  – to all the members and visitors.

The Book “From the Ground Up” that was also donated was also extremely generous and according to Barbara Hunt well worth the read.

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Agenda for June 2011 Meeting

Welcome, Apologies, Visitors.

Minutes of May meeting

Business Arising

Committee Report – see newsletter

Inwards Correspondence

  1. BCU Reports
  2. Friends of Botanic Gardens newsletter

Outwards Correspondence

  1. Thanks to Mike Rimmer

Finance Report – see newsletter

Sponsors Spot –

Table talk.

General Business

  1. 40th Anniversary luncheon – any questions?
  2. Review of Autumn Show

Guest speaker. – Ivy Wheeler talking about her trip to Taiwan Orchid Show this year.

Raffle, popular vote.

Minutes for May 2010 Meeting

Ed  welcomed 32 members, and  visitors Trish,  Joy, Tom and guest speaker Mike Rimmer

Apologies: Carole Davis, Pat King, John, Norm and Kay Mitchell, Judy Cowling, Pauline, Brian Moore

Mvd. John Scd. Tracy That minutes of April meeting be approved as printed in newsletter

Business Arising – None

Inwards Correspondence –

  • Grafton Orchid Society show – 6th, 7th, 8th of May
  • Woolgoolga Orchid Society show – Saturday 8th October- set up Friday afternoon our support would be much appreciated.
  • Bellinger Valley Orchid society show – Saturday 18th August  – set up from 7pm Friday the 17th and Saturday morning before 7.30am.  The Uniting church Hall Cnr Hyde & Ford St. Bellingen.  Judging will commence at 8am and show will open from 10am to 4pm.
  • Letter from Friends of the North Coast Regional Botanic Gardens Inc. informing us that the kitchen (due to safety issues) is now off limits to all except the café staff.
  • Certificate of investment from BCU.
  • Bank Statements from BCU.
  • Mingara Orchid Fair and show Saturday & Sunday 25th  & 26th June
  • Amended Dates for Bellinger Valley Orchid Society Show – receiving 7pm 19th August  & 7:30am Saturday 20th august – Show all day Saturday
  • New mailing address for Bellinger Valley Orchid Society – PO Box 402 Nambucca Heads NSW 2448
  • BCU Term deposit due for maturity 7th May 2011
  • BCU Notification of temporary closures on the Northside Branch
  • Australasian Native Orchid society Mid North Coast Group – 10th Annual Kempsey Speciosum Spectacular.  Free BBQ for visitors held  at 5:30pm on Friday 2nd September.  Enquiries John Ziertsch on 02 6554 9733
  • Mingara Orchid Club Show on 25th & 26th June

Outwards Correspondence

  • Sympathy card to Hoffman family

Mvd. Don Scd. Steve that Inwards correspondence be received and outwards correspondence be approved

Finance Report: Mvd. Glad Scd. Betty That report as presented in newsletter be approved.

Table Talk: Steve

General Business:

  • 40th Anniversary Luncheon – 16 July.  Buy your tickets from Ed, Sherill or Bruce as soon as possible. The deadline to buy them is 9th July as numbers for catering must be in by then.  Our menu will be in this newsletter.  We were part of the Horticultural Society, now Garden Club, for 10 years before we became Coffs Harbour Orchid Society   in 1971.
  • Our autumn show had a great response with much help to set up, help and pack away. We had 25 more plants on display than the last show.  It was wonderful that our  sections champions were all different people.  We had a visit from the Japanese Consulate who expressed great interest.
  • The Coffs Harbour Show would like us to put on a display – volunteers to supervise will be needed.


Popular Vote – Ed Pearce

Raffles: Trish Rhodes, Dave, Diane

Committee Report

The last committee meeting was mostly concerned with reviewing the Autumn Show.  The conclusions of this discussion are reported earlier in this newsletter.  We also talked about the upcoming 40th Anniversary Luncheon, and arrangements our display at the Coffs Harbour Show.

 Bob Southwell’s section winning Dendrobium

Bob Southwell’s section winning Dendrobium

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