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  • 30 Oct – 1 Nov Bus trip
  • 5 Nov CHOS AGM, General meeting – Gordon Clarke
  • 10 Nov Committee meeting
  • 3 Dec CHOS General Meeting – Awards
  • 5 Dec Christmas picnic at Botanic Gardens.

Botanic Gardens Display

Thanks to everyone who helped with our display and sales table at the Botanic Gardens on 18th October. The weather was fine and there was a good crowd. We sold most of our sale plants by lunch time. Unfortunately our display space was reduced on the day, so we were not able to display all the plants that members brought for us. Apologies to those affected.

We had a good display of a wide variety of orchids, and it was an opportunity to talk with people about our orchid growing obsession.

Eric Collins Talk

Our guest speaker Eric Collins reminded us that the conditions we provide to grow our orchids are often very different to what they experience in nature. He stressed that we need to consider the whole environment of our growing plants.

  • LIGHT – generally 50%, sometimes more and sometimes less
  • TEMPERATURE – the Coffs Coast has good temperatures for most orchids. Not too hot and not too cold. Try to choose orchids that are suited to your conditions.
  • AIR – need fresh, moving air. Perhaps use fans.
  • WATER – best to water on rising temperature. Check pots and if unsure, leave until tomorrow.
  • GROWING MIX – lots of variation. Needs to be open and free draining. Must have air space.
  • NUTRIENTS – fertilise weakly, perhaps half strength. Remember plants are mostly C, O and H. Only about 4% made up of minerals. Most important are N, P, K and Ca, Mg and S. Also need very small amounts of Fe, Cu, Mn, B, and Cl.

All these aspects work together, i.e. the total environment is only as good as its weakest part. So for example, if the light is not right, then other aspects will suffer.

Position of shade houses is often controlled by space available, but try to locate it where is gets the maximum light through the day.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be on 5th November, i.e. the first Thursday of the month as usual. We will start with our AGM – all nominations must be with the returning officer Ed Pearce by 7.30 on 5th November.

We will then hold our November general meeting. The guest speaker is Gordon Clark a well known grower from Woolgoolga. Gordon specialises in Phalaenopsis – one of his plants was the Grand Champion at our Spring Show.

And congratulations to Gordon Clarke for winning Grand Champion with his lovely Phalaenopsis (top).

And congratulations to Gordon Clarke for winning Grand Champion with his lovely Phalaenopsis (top).

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Christmas Picnic

We will be having our Christmas picnic at the Botanic Gardens on Saturday 5th December from 12 o’clock. Cold meat and salad will be provided, members are asked to bring their own drinks, a chair, a small plate to share and a Christmas gift to value of $5.

Orchidwiz Program

Committee has agreed to accept the offer of an orchid research program from Orchidwiz for us to use to raise funds for the society.

There will be more information soon but you might like to find out more about the program by going to http://www.orchidwiz.com. This excellent program gives up to date information about most species and hybrids.

We plan to sell raffle tickets for this program.

AGENDA for 2009 AGM.

  • WELCOME to members and visitors
  • MINUTES of 2008 AGM – as printed in this newsletter
  • PRESIDENT’S REPORT – as printed in this newsletter
  • FINANCIAL REPORT – provided at meeting.
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Committee – 3 members.
    1. Subscription for 2009/10

President’s Report for 2009 AGM

2009 has been a good year for the society.

This year we have tried to make some changes to the way we do things. At general meetings we reduced the time spent on “business” and increased the time spent learning about and enjoying orchids. We printed agendas, minutes and correspondence in the newsletter and had a program of guest speakers for our meetings. The committee handled the day-to-day running of the society.

We had eleven general meetings attended by an average of 26 people, and we welcomed 7 new members during the year.

The newsletter was revised to include some colour photos and more news. It was e-mailed or posted to members before meetings so we could read the minutes, etc beforehand, and as a result these formalities don’t take up so much time at meetings. The society now has a Post Office Box as a permanent address, and an e-mail address.

During the year we had talks from Ed Pearce on growing Disas, Howard Keane on orchid photography, Murray Shergold on deflasking, Doug Binns on a trip to Ecuador, Dick Cooper on judging, Ed Pearce on growing Zygopetalums, Hans Schaible on growing Bulbophyllums and Eric Collins on general growing conditions. We covered a range of topics to cater for the variety of interests and experience of our members and we purchased a data projector to use at meetings.

We have strengthened the financial position of the society by taking on some very generous sponsors, and by running successful Autumn and Spring Shows. The Autumn Show was the first time we had run a show at the Botanic Gardens and we were delighted to have so many plants benched and by the number of visitors to the show. The Spring Show at the plaza was also a success with many people contributing to the display and many people winning prizes. Many thanks to our Show Marshall Ken Green and his team of helpers for running two very successful shows. It takes a lot of work to organise and run these shows, and they are an excellent showpiece for our orchid growing obsession. We also had displays at Bunnings, at the opening of Senior Citizens Week, at the Horticultural Show and at the Botanic Gardens.

We tidied up our constitution reducing the number of vice presidents from 2 to 1 and reducing general members on committee from 5 to 3. We also are trying to reintroduce a sales table at meetings.

We have started writing a history of the Coffs Harbour Orchid Society and we are looking at developing a web-site for the society.

I would like to thank the committee for their efforts this year. Their attendance at meetings was excellent, and they were very constructive in their efforts to improve and support our society. Thank you for your support.

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Agenda for NOV 2009 Meeting

    1. Travel agent – Orchid Tour of Taiwan in 2010
    2. OSNSW invitation for President to attend Christmas function.
    1. Thanks to Eric for guest speaker
    2. Thanks to Amy and Park Beach Plaza for venue for Show.
  • GUEST SPEAKER – Gordon Clark will talk with us about growing Phalaenopsis orchids
And congratulations to Gordon Clarke for winning Grand Champion with his lovely Phalaenopsis (top).

And congratulations to Gordon Clarke for winning Grand Champion with his lovely Phalaenopsis (top).

Minutes for October 2009 Meeting

Vice President Steve Clemesha chaired the meeting and welcomed the 26 members and 10 visitors to our meeting. It was good to have so many visitors. The visitors were Peter and Nili Ross, Ivan Rowe, Jan Brinkhurst, John Sidebottom, Jason Slaviero, Laurie Olsen, Ken and .. Green and Carol Davis.

Apologies were received from Don, Ron and Judy, Brenda, Gary and Tracey, Pauline, John Higgins and Alviena.

We welcomed 2 new members – Alison Brown, a horticulturalist at the Botanic Gardens and Wayne Anderson whom is new to Coffs.

  • MINUTES Mvd Ed, Scd Betty That minutes as printed in the newsletter be approved.
  • COMMITTEE REPORT Ed referred to the Spring Show – this will be discussed in general business.
    1. Invitation from Botanic Gardens to take part in display – to general business
    2. Statements from BCU
    3. Brochure re Hasting Region Orchid Show – Oct 25th
    4. Letter from Department of Fair Trading approving our constitutional changes
    5. 2 AIRFM newsletter
    6. OSNSW newsletter
    7. Orchidwiz Offer
    1. nil
  • Mvd Ed, Scd Ivy that correspondence be received.
  • FINANCE Bruce referred to 3 items. 1. The general report in the newsletter which includes the Spring Show income and expenses. 2. The report for the Spring Show which shows a small profit, despite the higher prize money, of $274. 3. The total sales at the Botanica display at the Botanic Gardens on 18th October were $813, so commission to society was $121.95. Thanks to all who helped out with display plants, sales plants and/or supervision.
  • SPONSORS’ SPOT Ed spoke of BCU and encouraged members to see what BCU can do to help with banking, financial advice or insurance needs.
    1. Ivy spoke about the Bus Trip at the end of October. People were reminded to bring a plate for morning tea on the first day, to put names on the boxes for plants and to pack lightly.
    2. Our Spring Show. Members were asked for their views on the show. Overall people were very pleased with the show. Committee recommends we use the Park Beach Plaza again next year. Some discussion about advantages and disadvantages of the venue. A motion of appreciation to Ken and his helpers for their work on the show was carried by acclamation.
    3. AGM. Ed reminded people of the AGM next month and encouraged people to nominate, or volunteer for a job.
    4. Ken told members that Alviena is selling her orchids, and invited people to contact her if they are interested in buying some plants, especially Cattleyas.
  • GUEST SPEAKER. Eric Collins spoke about providing the right environment for growing orchids. See notes in this newsletter.
  • POPULAR VOTE was won by Ken and Dulcie for a beautiful Trichopilia. Photo Dulcie McBainPOPULAR VOTE was won by Ken and Dulcie for a beautiful Trichopilia. Photo Dulcie McBain
  • TABLE TALK was given by Steve Clemesha, and the raffles were won by Jason, Di, Barbara and John Sidebottom.

Meeting closed at 8.40.

POPULAR VOTE was won by Ken and Dulcie for a beautiful Trichopilia. Photo Dulcie McBain

POPULAR VOTE was won by Ken and Dulcie for a beautiful Trichopilia. Photo Dulcie McBain

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