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  • 10 Oct Woolgoolga Show
  • 18 Oct Display at Botanic Gardens
  • 22 Oct CHOS General meeting – Eric Collins
  • 27 Oct Committee meeting
  • 30 Oct – 1 Nov Bus trip
  • 5 Nov CHOS AGM
  • 5 Nov CHOS General meeting – Gordon Clarke
  • 10 Nov Committee meeting
  • 3 Dec CHOS General Meeting – Awards

Spring Show

Thanks to everyone who contributed in anyway to the success of our 2009 Spring Show. Special thanks to our Show Marshall Ken Green and his helpers. We had 151 plants benched from 27 exhibitors, and 19 exhibitors won prizes.

And congratulations to Gordon Clarke for winning Grand Champion with his lovely Phalaenopsis (top).

And congratulations to Gordon Clarke for winning Grand Champion with his lovely Phalaenopsis (top).

Results of Show

  • Grand Champion – G. Clarke
  • Reserve Champion – G. Moran
  • Champion Specimen – N&K. Mitchell
  • Champion Native – N&K. Mitchell
  • Judges Commendation – E&D. Collins
  • Pittaway Perpetual Trophy – J. Oliver
  • BUC Perpetual Trophy – B. Moore

Section A – Cymbidium

  1. Standard – over 90 mm
    • 1st B. Moore
    • 2nd B. Moore
  2. Intermediate 55 – 90 mm
    • 1st B. Moore
    • 2nd D&H Boorer
  3. Miniature – under 55 mm
    • 1st B. Moore
    • 2nd B. Hoffman

Champion Cymbidium B.Moore

Section B – Laeliinae

  1. Exhibition – 100mm and over
    • 1st G. Moran
    • 2nd G. Clarke
  2. Intermediate – 60 to 100mm
    • 1st I. Wheeler
    • 2nd B. Pittaway
  3. Miniature – under 60 mm
    • 1st E&D Collins
    • 2nd I Wheeler
  4. Cluster hybrid (minimum 5 flowers)
    • 1st R&B. Cooper
    • 2nd B. Newman

Champion Laeliinae G. Moran

Section C – Phalaenopsis

  1. Exhibition – predominantly white
    • 1st G. Clarke
  2. Exhibition – predominantly pink
    • 1st G. Clarke
    • 2nd G. Clarke
  3. Exhibition – any other colour
    • 1st G. Clarke
    • 2nd G. Clarke

Champion Phalaenopsis G. Clarke

Section D – Vandaceous

  1. Over 60 mm
    • 1st I. Wheeler
    • 2nd G&P. Baillie
  2. Under 60 mm
    • 1st I. Wheeler
    • 2nd G. Moran

Champion Vandaceous I. Wheeler

Section E – Paphiopedilum

  1. Standard (Red or spotted)
    • 1st G. Hillier
    • 2nd M. MacKay
  2. Standard (Green, yellow or white)
    • 1st M. MacKay
    • 2nd M. MacKay
  3. Maudie and novelty type
    • 1st K. Green and D. McBain

Champion Paphiopedilum M. MacKay

Section F – Dendrobium (not Aust native)

  1. Phalaenanthe (hard cane)
    • 1st G&P Baillie
  2. Eugananthe (soft cane)
    • 1st G. Moran
    • 2nd E&D Collins
  3. Any other Dendrobium
    • 1st N&K. Mitchell
    • 2nd B. Newman

Champion Dendrobium G. Moran

Section G – Oncidiinae/Odontoglossum alliance

  1. Oncidium
    • 1st R&B. Cooper
    • 2nd E&D. Collins
  2. Odontoglossum hybrid
    • 1st B. Moore
    • 2nd B. Moore

Champion Oncidium/Odont B. Moore

Section H – Australian Native (Hybrid)

  1. Predominantly pink, mauve or purple
    • 1st N&K. Mitchell
    • 2nd B. Moore
  2. Predominantly yellow, orange
    • 1st N&K. Mitchell
    • 2nd G. Beatton
  3. Any other colour
    • 1st G. Beatton
    • 2nd R&B. Cooper
  4. Colmanara
    • 1st B. Newman
    • 2nd B. Moore

Champion Australian Native N&K. Mitchell

Section I – AOV hybrid

  • 1st N&K. Mitchell
  • 2nd N&K. Mitchell

Champion AOV N&K. Mitchell

Section J – Australian Native Species

  1. Speciosum
    • 1st N&K. Mitchell
    • 2nd G. Beatton
  2. Kingianum
    • 1st N&K. Mitchell
    • 2nd N&K. Mitchell
  3. Any other
    • 1st G. Fleming
    • 2nd J. Oliver

Champion Native Species N&K. Mitchell

Section K – Species

  1. Cymbidium
    • 1st B. Moore
  2. Laeliinae
    • 1st G. Moran
    • 2nd R&B. Cooper
  3. Phalaenopsis
    • 1st S. Clemesha
  4. Vandaceous
    • 1st K. Green and D. McBain
    • 2nd I. Wheeler
  5. Dendrobium – not Australian native
    • 1st E&D. Collins
    • 2nd G. Fleming
  6. 6. Native Species, not Dendrobium
    • 1st E&D Collins
    • 2nd G. Fleming
  7. Coelogyne
    • 1st N&K. Mitchell
    • 2nd K. Green and D. McBain

Champion Species J. Oliver

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Early History of Coffs Harbour O.S.

I have been talking with some of the early members of our society and recently I had the pleasure of talking with Len and Nola Hutchings. Len was our first president and Nola was secretary. The society started in 1961 as a sub-group of the Horticultural Society – Len has the Agricultural and Orchid Society badge which was used – and many of the early meetings were held in member’s homes.

Some of the early members were Len Archer, who had a terrific collection of Australian Natives, George Clarke, Bert van Ness, Jim and “Tops” Rae, Colonel Paterson and Em Hamey.

The Orchid Society broke away from the Horticultural Society in 1971, and Len was the president. He held this position until 1974 and is our first life member.

I have also spoken with Ron Smith who was secretary from 1974 to 1980 (when Steve Clemesha took over as secretary, a position he held for the next 20 years). Ron was a young, energetic secretary in the 1970’s. Another former member who I’ve been talking with is Sandy Anderson who was an active member from the early 70’s to 1992. Sandy was president in 1986 and 1987 and is also a life member.

I find it very interesting talking with these people who did so much for our society in the early days and I appreciate their readiness to talk with me.

October Meeting

Remember that the October meeting will be held on October 22nd rather than the first Thursday due to the school holidays

And congratulations to Gordon Clarke for winning Grand Champion with his lovely Phalaenopsis (top).

And congratulations to Gordon Clarke for winning Grand Champion with his lovely Phalaenopsis (top).

AOC Conference

Since I was in Melbourne for a family wedding in September I was able to go to the AOC Conference being held at Werribee in Melbourne. It was the first conference I have attended and I enjoyed the experience.

There was a big display of orchids for the show. Lots of Cymbidiums of course, and a spectacular display of Masdevallias from Mount Beenak Orchids. There were also some huge specimens of speciosum.

I also enjoyed the talks by a range of growers and hybridisers. Talks were given on Phragmipediums, Sarchochilus, Aussie Dendrobiums, miniature Cattleyas and Masdevallias.

And of course there were lots of vendors there. I bought some flasks – a Zygo and 2 Dendrobiums – and assorted other plants. One plant I purchased was Phragmipedium pearceii (with a name like that I felt I had to have one).

Now I have the problem of where to put them!

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Agenda for OCT 2009 Meeting

    1. Invitation from Botanic Gardens to take part in display – to general business
    2. Statements from BCU
    3. Brochure re Hasting Region Orchid Show – Oct 25th
    4. Letter from Department of Fair Trading approving our constitutional changes
    5. 2 AIRFM newsletter
    1. nil
    1. Our Spring Show – any thoughts?
    2. AGM and jobs.
  • GUEST SPEAKER. Eric Collins will talk about general growing conditions for orchids.
And congratulations to Gordon Clarke for winning Grand Champion with his lovely Phalaenopsis (top).

And congratulations to Gordon Clarke for winning Grand Champion with his lovely Phalaenopsis (top).


At the AGM in November there will be elections for President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer and three committee members. Are you interested in any of these positions? If you’re not sure what’s involved speak to Ed or one of the committee.

Or you might like to nominate someone. There are nomination forms available at the meeting.

And what of the other positions? There are quite a few other things that people do to help make this a successful orchid society.

  • Newsletter editor
  • Show Marshall
  • Assistant show marshal
  • Publicity
  • Librarian
  • Supper
  • Monthly Comp points
  • Sales table
  • Raffles
  • Hall set – up for meetings
  • Program
  • Sponsorships
  • Archives
  • Public Officer
  • “Welcomer”
  • Web-site

Are you interested in doing any of these jobs? Or perhaps you would be prepared to be an assistant in one of these? Again if you would like some more information please speak to Ed or to one of the committee.

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